God's Gift

      "Ask and it shall be given". Indeed, it was given. It all started with a simple conversation, a simple joke. My brother-in-law who is a pastor in Calinan church joked to his brother who is a pastor in Midsayap about his car. He made a deal that if someone will give him a new car, he will give his old car to him. One time my brother-in-law who is the pastor in Midsayap was invited by his co-member in the Voice of Triumph to accompany him in Manila in purchasing a new Ford Everest car. He went to Manila with them for free. When they are already in Manila, another co-member invited him to go into a car shop. There had been a lot of cars to choose, from approved used BMW, Pajero, Ford, Toyota and a lot more. When they are in the car shop, my brother-in-law's co-member told him to choose the car he wanted to have for his evangelization activities and his co-member will pay for it. He told him that since he just recently received his bonus from a deal he had from a Chinese company out of his turbo engine business, he wanted to share the blessings. My brother-in-law was teary-eyed upon hearing this. He can't believe that God's gift would be this huge and expensive, a Pajero.



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