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         My husband and I had been traveling for months already and sometimes we stay in our house once a week. We had been to Nabunturan, Lebak, Davao, Manila and the longest travel ever is the road trip from Manila to Cotabato which mostly covered up the whole Philippines. We travel mostly for leisure, family events and for church activities. We travel by motorcycles, cars, airplanes and boats. We had been to different terminals, airports and wharfs. Though some wharfs we had been, may not be as nice as aldermastonwharf but no matter how simple they had been, I love it. It is truly been a blessing to be able to travel safely and to be able to reach different places. It is nice to reach different places and be awed of how beautiful they were. Aside from the scenery, places, transportation, and products, we never forget the people of the places we had been on how gracious they had been to accommodate us. Our only remembrance had been the different pictures taken from the different places we had been and of course the nice experiences we had along the way. As much as possible, we always take pictures of the places we had been. Hope we would still have more travels. 
San Ricardo Port - I love this port!



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