Patience in Waiting

          It has been a long weekend and it is the last day of the month. I had to pay some bills in the bank and make some deposits. Since a long weekend had passed, there had been a lot of people having some transactions with the bank and involves long lines in the teller section. In the first bank I transacted wherein I should pay my bills, I arrived twenty minutes from the time the bank opened. My number was 65 and the current number being entertained was 27. I have no choice but to wait or else I could not pay my bills on its due date which will have some charges. So, after hours of waiting I finally been able to pay my bills. After that, I proceeded to another bank to make some deposits. Before I will make some deposits, I must first make some cash withdrawals in the ATM machine. The problem is all ATM machines are not accessible to withdrawals, thank God my mother had some extra cash which I borrowed. Now I have the cash I needed for the deposit, so I must endure again the long lines in the tellers' section. When I am already halfway towards the tellers' section, another employee of the bank opened to receive deposits and entertain my transaction. After hours in the banks, I finally finished the bank transactions that I have to do. I already expected it because of the long weekend that is why I lengthen my patience in waiting. 


Ana Souzah said…
Ok.You're on my list of Blog.
Thanks, Hugs.

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