Still Memories

       Significant events in our lives are precious moments that need to be captured as keepsakes. Weddings, baptism, birthdays, burials and engagements are only some of the events worth remembering. Once in a while we need to document it so that the next generation could have a glimpse of our previous lives. For now, we have a lot of gadgets to choose from to back us up in capturing life's treasured moments. We have cameras, cellphones, ipads and other gadgets that could capture significant events. 
      The oldest and still existing method of capturing precious moments is photography. It started out from black and white pictures, to colored and now we have digital images. Photographs are very much preferred compared to soft copies of pictures today. With photographs, we could be able to have photograph albums or fotoboek maken as keepsakes. Photo albums are kept to show to our children's children, to our relatives and friends what we are before. It is nice to have something that will not change that would show to us our previous images, body sizes, hair styles and clothing. These are the things that will not last long in our minds but with photographs, we have with us still memories. 



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