Missed the Kalivungan Festival

        September 1 is the "Araw ng Cotabato" day. We celebrated the day of our province with a festival, the "Kalivungan Festival". Each town must have a representative in the street dancing. My alma matter in High School represented our town. They had been rehearsing everyday, day and night. Some of my former teachers had already been asking for donations to fund the expenses of the practice and for the props. They performed their street dance on the day of the festive. Unlucky for me, I wasn't able to watch it. It was Thurday and every Thursday I attend the prayer and fasting. Also, the construction of our small building for guest is still on process that I have to assist my husband in the preparation of the food of the carpenters. I totally missed the street dancing presentation for the Kalivungan Festival but still I knew the result of the contest. Our town, Pigcawayan, got third place, Pikit is second and Alamada won the contest. 


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some photos here:


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