Boiled Egg

           For me, boiled egg is the easiest viand to cook. If I don't have so much time to cook I will just put the raw egg in  a casserole, put water and wait for it to be boiled. Just recently, I had been able to learn new ways in cooking the boiled egg. If I would also cook rice, I will just put the raw eggs on it so that at the time the rice will already be cooked, I would also have boiled egg at the same time. It is faster and easier way of cooking boiled egg. It also maximizes my time. When I am cooking raw eggs my usual problem is that it will break after so much heat and it will not be anymore intact. My landlady advised me to put the raw eggs in the cellophane and boil the raw eggs while inside the cellophane. I tried it and even though the egg broke it was still intact. It is only now that  I was able to know that there is much better way of cooking boiled egg. 


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