Online Shopping Experience with Zalora

     I was surprised yesterday when my officemate sent me a message that I have a package. He received it on my behalf since I was not around during those times. The only package I was expecting is from Zalora but I did not expect that it would arrive that early. I have just ordered it last Thursday night and paid it through my paypal account. I was able to received it by Monday. From feedbacks I have read from other bloggers, they were able to received their ordered items after a couple of days or even months. Still, I was so eager to use my P500 discount voucher for subscribing in their newsletter that I made the purchases. I did not regret it for I was able to receive the items I have ordered. Until next online shopping with Zalora.


lovealways said…
happy new girl..good for you
reina said…
thanks.. happy new din sayo.. alam ko bumili k rin.. :)
Missus Cee said…
i want to try zalora too! :)

just dropping by

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