3rd Party Logistics

     Few days ago my husband personally delivered the product of their company from here in the city to our province. There had been funds allocated to it by the company but if only there had been a 3rd party logistics who will handle it, it would had been cheaper. What my husband did was so costly but I think he maybe did it for fun as well. Imagined how costly it had been. He borrowed his brother's Pajero and invited his uncle and a friend to accompany him in going to the city to get the product. Since his companion are not always in the city, we treated them to restaurants and let them taste the fruits and delicacies here. The next day they travel back to our province bringing with them the product and as they travel they dropped by to famous restaurants, fruit stands and native products along the way. Despite the expenses, it was okay because my husband had a great time. If you look at it in a business perspective, it would had been cheaper if it was handled by a third party logistics. If we will compute my husband's expenses for gasoline, food and lodging, he exceeded on the allocated funds. If you will have it delivered by a third party logistics, it would had been cheaper and effortless by just paying the bill and waiting for the product to be delivered at your footsteps. I agree with the 3PL Benefits That Boost Your Bottom Line. This is feasible.


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