Online movies

Watching movies is one of the many leisure activities that I like to do. This has always been a very entertaining past time activity for me.  I have been so engrossed in watching movies lately that almost every night without fail, I watch a movie!  My office mates always give me soft copies of the movies they have.  These are movies they have downloaded from the Internet and are mostly the latest movies out.  I also watch movies online if I can't get hold of any soft copies.  My home viewing experience has been awesome, coupled up with snacks.
Well, because I am always alone at our house, watching movies keeps me preoccupied. It also helps me to fall asleep easily. When I am alone in the house, sometimes scary thoughts keeps me paranoid, so I always find it hard to fall asleep. The only disadvantage of watching movies so frequently is that I neglect giving time to other things that are important. My blogging time had been decreased as well as time for household chores.

The only other thing with watching movies is that when I watch them by myself, I can really focus completely on it, so I really appreciate the story better, because I have no distractions!  Foreign language movies I find to be time consuming, or labor intensive, because I have to read all the subtitles, otherwise things pass by and I miss something important to the storyline.  But you get used to it after awhile.  I could refrain myself from watching movies so frequently and give more time to more important things, but that's easier said than done!


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