Free Saturdays

     I am officially not enrolled for the second semester in my MBA class. Our request to open first semester subjects was not granted by the registrar. This means that I have a lot of free Saturdays wherein I could leisurely stroll wherever I wanted to go. I would still have to follow up my grades in my academic writing subject where writing research papers had been the final output. I am anxiously waiting for the result of it because I am not confident with the output I submitted.
     Since I have no class every Saturday, I do not have to worry any academic reports, assignments and other requirements. My Saturday schedule is very much available for any trips or outings with friends and family. There had been a lot of rejection of invites before because of the conflict of schedule with my MBA class.
       Now that I am free from academic activities, this Saturday’s planned schedule to have a road trip to the southern part of the Philippines. I was never been there before and I am very much excited to go there because it is well known for its beautiful beach.  I am hoping for a nice weather and an enjoyable safe trip tomorrow. 



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