Miss School

     Several months had already passed since the last time I went to school. I miss going to school every weekend. Before, my Saturday schedule is allotted to my MBA class but since I was not enrolled this semester due to inability of subjects offered I've got nothing to do. I was either staying at home or traveling back to the province. If I was able to enrolled this semester I would already be ready for my thesis writing or for dissertation writing services. Well only two semester left and I would already gained my master's degree in MBA. I was really hopeful that I could finish it till the end.
     My college classmate ask me the other day why I take up a master's degree. Is it for promotion?. I told her that it is not for promotion. I was taking my MBA for future opportunity. Just in case I wanted to shift my career to teaching, I could be able to do so with an MBA at hand. Aside from this it would be a continuing learning experience, an educational enhancement. It is also my dream to earn that degree.
     Well, since I was not enrolled this semester my Saturdays had also been tiresome. It gave me more quality time with my husband and my family. I was able to travel vice versa from the city to our province to be with my husband. I am now obliged to go home to the province since I have no classes which made me miss schooling more.  If I have classes it refrains me from travelling much which is kind of tiresome and risky as well. Schooling had been my sole reason before why I cannot travel much.Now that I don't have classes, travelling much is also not good. I really miss school and hope things will now go back to normal.


Unknown said…
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Julia said…
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