Career Plans

      Exercising my profession and expanding my skills as an auditor during these days was far at hand. An opportunity like this did not come my way for me to be able to exercise my skill in auditing. It is quite disappointing to have passed the licensure exam, have a license and could not used. Well at least, it paved the way for me to be able to have a good job.
     One of my acquaintances who had been into this field gave me advices. He worked before into government offices, private companies and had also been able to engage into private practice. The only thing with these is that you need to have vast connections to be able to have clients who would ask for your services. My husband is also encouraging me on this idea. I myself also want to try this out to maximize my fullest potential. Before this will happen, I must first complete my dissertation writing. I must finish this first and acquire my degree in MBA. Having an MBA degree is an advantage in seeking future clients as well as in enhancing ones career.  I still hope to be given a chance that would enable me to exercise my profession. 


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