GenCon @ Gensan

         Going away from the daily routine of work, traffic, and stressful day, could be refreshing sometime. I was away during the weekend and had a very unforgettable and relaxing moment during those times. I also had a spiritual filled activity last week. My husband and I attended a church activity which is the general conference of our church. It is the time when pastors and other church members from the different parts of the Philippines gathered together in one place with guest speakers from foreign countries. It is the time when a lot lectures had been given, new officials had been elected and a night service. It was my first time to attend that conference and I was happy to be able to do so. I receive a healing prayer in one of the night services conducted. The feeling was unexplainable and somehow it gave me relief. It is a nice feeling to be part of a large crowd that praises and worship the Lord. Almost all of the participants have same faith, same belief belonging in the same religion - UPC. I was happy to be part of it.
      The national general conference was held in the tuna capital of the Philippines – General Santos City. It is the place where the famous Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao came from. It was a beautiful city with a lot of malls, restaurants, hotels and inns.  Aside from that it is also nearer to white sand beaches like in Gumasa, Saranggani. 

     We never let the chance to passby without visiting Gumasa, Saranggani.  Indeed it was beautiful that simple essays would not be enough to describe its beauty. It has white sand beach and during our visit the sea is calm and the weather is gloomy that it did not caused us sunburns. Well, our one hour ride from gensan to Gumasa had been worth it as well as our visit to Gensan which had been fruitful, meaningful and a memorable one. 


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