Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette smoking became an addiction when your body needs continual intake of nicotine, the main ingredient of cigarette.
I am glad that some members of my family already quit smoking. I was able to witness how one of my brothers had been into smoking. He would even ask me to buy his cigarettes for him. He would sometimes light his cigarettes even if I am  there that I could also inhale the smoke. I am glad that I never tempted to try one. Once cigarette smoking is started and you became addicted to it, it would already be so hard to quit from it. It was a long process of quitting cigarette smoking on my brother's part. It took him several months to finally say that he quitted smoking. Still, it was not yet the end of it for when he had been with our elder brother and saw that he is smoking, he returned back to cigarette smoking. For quite some time he is smoking again but out of nowhere both my brothers quitted smoking. Maybe their strong religious belief gave them the determination to quit  cigarette smoking.
If my brothers were successful enough to  refrain themselves from cigarette smoking, others just can't do so. Yet it is not a hopeless case. There are a lot of solutions to be able to do so. One of the effective solutions is to try el cigaret or electronic cigarette. It is like deceiving yourself that you are still smoking but in a healthier way. The nicotine, which was the harmful substance in cigarette, was removed or lessened in e cigaret. The ego t electric cigarette is only one of many types of electronic cigarette that you could choose from. Hope this could pave the way to finally quit smoking for as in every cigarette ads warning, "Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health." Healthy living is a way to live a fuller life.


Unknown said…
Cigarette addiction is not good for health. Cigarette contains tobacco and many other harmful chemicals which damages our health and leads to cancer. For removal of this you can use electronic cigarettes because these are healthier device and not contain tobacco. For more information check out here-
james said…
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