Family Reunions

      I am excited. I will be attending family reunions for the rest of the week. It would be a good chance to be able to met my relatives. I don't remember anymore when was the last time I attended a family reunion. I could not anymore remember when was it. Maybe if I am required to write an essay about it, I will let someone to write an essay for me because I could not remember anymore the feeling or the happenings on it. I am happy for I was able to apply for leave just for this occasion. It is a good time for me to use my available leave credits to relax and bond with my family. I will be attending the reunion of my grandmother's family on my father side. It would be the first time that we will gather together as a family on my grandma's side. Honestly, I do not know much about my grandma's family that I am so eager to meet them. Maybe only five persons have I known as my relatives being related to my grandmother's side. After my grandma's family reunion, I will be attending my husband's family reunion on his mother side. I will be a memorable occasion with all the parade ,color coding of shirts, picture taking, presentations and of course delicious food. They were a big family and they make a point to gather together in order for the younger generation to know their relatives as well.
       Family reunion is a gathering organized to meet and greet relatives who have not seen each other for a long time. It is an opportunity to be able to trace one's bloodline and know those people related to it. Mostly family reunions started with parades wherein every family is assigned to wear designated color of shirts to know from what family they belong. Presentation of families is always part of the program. Meeting and knowing one's roots should be the main goal of every family reunion.


may said…
Hi there! have a good reunion with relatives you'll know for the first time. :)

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