Google Adsense Earnings

Finally, I already reached the $100 threshold  of Google Adsense and just this morning I was able to receive my first payment from them. I could not believe it for only now that I was able to receive a payment from them after almost three years of blogging. Patience to wait and perseverance to continue blogging despite some discouragements are the things that pave the way for me to be able to reach the $100 threshold and receive my payment. This is truly amazing and a manifestation that there is really money in blogging through Google Adsense. Thank you so much Google, blog visitors, co-bloggers and to my blog mentor who introduced me to blogging. May this inspires others to continue blogging.                - "To God be the glory."


cheekeegirl said…
I'm still 1/4 of that rein. takes a lot of patience indeed!

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