Excited Much

One year had already pass since the time that my husband and I decided to acquire a house and lot. We already finished paying the equity and now we are waiting for Pag-ibig to award it to us. Acquiring a house and lot is a big decision. Entering into this needs to consider our financial capacity. I admit paying the equity for ten months was not easy. A huge amount from our salaries goes to it. Good thing we already surpass it and hopefully the monthly installment to Pag-ibig would be lower and quite manageable. Pag-ibig already called in our office yesterday inquiring about my financial capacity. I hope and pray that they will approved my housing loan so that things would run smoothly so that in few months time we could now live in our own house.
Right now we are living in my mother's house since my mother and my other siblings are living in the province. Although no one is forcing us to acquire our own house but I know that I would feel more contented, fulfilled and secured if the family I would create live in our own house. May God bless us in this endeavor. 


lovealways said…
congrats to both of you
kimmy said…
congratulations, girl! having your own house is one of the best things that can happen to a family.. good luck!
cheekeegirl said…
It really is fulfilling to have a house you call your own. Congrats rein..
Unknown said…
First of all my hearty congrats to both of them.This is kind of reading that really moves you. It's vibrant and so dynamic. Refresh our soul.Your point of vision is the most excellent among numerous. continue posting with us.
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