Aquarium as Humidifier

     This is the latest addition to our house, an aquarium. We have been planning of putting a container with water in our house since we are heavy users of the air conditioner. The air conditioner made our skin dry and cracked. We have observed this because while after staying for dew days in our house in the province, in an air-conditioned room, we have cracked skin in our feet and dry skin. Our neighbor advised us before to put a pail of water next to the air conditioner. So instead of a pail, why not put an aquarium. It would not only serve as a humidifier but as well as a stress reliever. Luckily our nephews had been fond of small fishes. They have spare aquarium glass and air pump. They set it up and donated the fishes. We have koi, guppy and fighting fishes. It still needs some plants and stones. Well, true enough it serves its purpose as a humidifier. We refill the water absorb by the air conditioner every day. This is our aquarium/humidifier.

Here is the latest video of the aquarium with more fishes now.


Nancy said…
It is so cool that you have an aquarium at home! This is a perfect way to keep the humidity up while raising some fishes!

Nancy ♥
Wow, really cool you own one and the advantages are great!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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