Bullies in the House

Yes, you’ve read it right. We have bullies in the house - pocket bully, American bully and freakshow bully.

Meet our bullies. First is RR, an American bully that was adopted because its former owner doesn't have time for it anymore. From a puppy full of wounds, insect bites, and scared skin, this is now RR.

 Meet Beastboy, a pocket bully acquired for rehoming. This is the heaviest among the bullies. Though it looks scary, it is very gentle and sweet.

Moira is the sibling of Beastboy. It is currently pregnant and was refrained from any physical activity to avoid miscarriage. Hopefully, it would give birth to healthy and beautiful puppies and would survive giving birth as well.

Tyson is a survivor puppy. Its mom died after giving birth to them. It was bottled fed with formula milk up to the time it could now eat solid food. Look how big it is now.

Accel, another survivor puppy, the sibling of Tyson, my daughter’s favorite and the most behave and obedient of them all. My daughter who was afraid of puppies conquered her fear with Accel. She could touch it and command it. It is very sweet and anyone could touch it.


FashionRadi said…
These dogs seem scary but they're some of the sweetest. Love dogs!
I just followed your lovely blog :)

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