Forever Loved, Forever Missed: Chicco

         A sudden news came up to me, my niece is calling, crying that my dog is not breathing anymore. Chicco suddenly passed away.
        It had been several weeks that I am missing Chicco. We are currently under Enhanced Community Quarantine in the province due to COVID -19 and we could not go back to the city because of the lockdown. It is almost two months that we are not able to see our dogs. Maybe Chicco missed us so much that it may be the cause of death. Some also says that it might be heatstroke because of the hot weather and the sudden rain. It could be because of its current age because its mother is on the same age when it died.

             Chicco is now seven years old and had been my best buddy ever. A dog I missed whenever I am away on travel. I always remember it whenever I see K-9 units in hotels or airports. I remember it whenever I am eating foods with big bones. I even consider missing it if ever I will accept my client's offer of migration to Canada. It had been my buddy when I was living alone in the city and had been my security shield that no one would enter the house without permission. With its sudden death, it aches my heart and I couldn’t imagine what it would be like when I will go home and I couldn’t see or hear it’s barking. I cried my heart out. Sad as it is, this is the reality of life. Goodbye Chicco! You will forever have a place in my heart. 💕


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