In Choosing Dresses

      Dresses are ladies’ grave temptations. Aside from shoes and bags, dresses also belong to ladies’ greatest possessions. This is one of the expenses most of the money of women went to. I, for myself as a woman wants to own nice and lovely dresses. My last purchases had been yellow formal dresses to match a motif of a wedding I attended to. Of all the dresses that I acquired, the dress that is unforgettable to me would be the elegantv neck long sleeve split dress I bought for a certain social gathering.

      Dresses are made for certain occasions. There are elegant dresses for weddings, social gatherings, church services and other formal occasions. Casual dresses are for day-to-day activities, shopping, meet ups, informal occasions and other activities that doesn’t require formal attire. The chosen dress to wear must suit to what occasion we will attend to, as they say, dress accordingly.

       In choosing a dress, my first criteria is that it should be fit, not too loose and not too fit. Before I buy dresses that are loose or too fit with the thinking that I could use in the future if I get fat or if I get slim. However, since it is too loose it made me looked bigger, so I refrain from using. If it is too fit, my idea of loosing weight never happened and that too fit dress was never worn. My second criteria is it should be comfortable. Gatherings last for hours and wearing a dress for several hours should not bring us discomfort or we won’t enjoy attending that certain occasion. Another criterion for me in choosing a dress is color. The color of the dress must blend with the color our skin. However, there are certain occasions that require a specific color but then each color have different hues to choose from that could suit our skin tone. Design should also be considered in choosing a dress. There are some designs that’s too revealing and it may not suit us. There are also design that won’t match to our body type. However, regardless of design, color or price of the dress the most important thing is, you feel good in wearing.


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