Long Hours of No Electricity

     After almost 30 hours or almost one and a half day of waiting, the electricity finally returned. The electricity power provider did not speedily located the source of the power cut-off that there had been long hours of no electricity in our place and in neighboring places as well. Life had been so hard without electricity. We do not have water, we cannot cook food and we cannot do some chores because we don't have electricity. Our water source is very dependent to electricity because it is an electric water pump. Thankfully, my brother-in-law still own a mechanical water pump where we could get water. In terms of food,  the rice cooker and electric stove cannot be used because there is no electricity. What we did is we eat at restaurants or cooked our food on charcoal and had grilled food as viand. When the night came, we open all the windows in our room so that the cool breeze could enter in the absence of the cool air of aircon. Our cellphones also are in low battery and has no signal because the towers of cellphone service providers also needed electricity to transmit the signal. This only showed how hard life is without electricity. I hope there will   be no more long hours of no electricity.


Unknown said…
i guess you are from Sarawak?isn't it? :D sorry if wrong.
Anonymous said…
Di porket brownout walang signal ang mga network providers. get your facts right dimwit!

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