Writing Experiences

       When I engaged in blogging, it has given me more writing experiences for a not so good writer like me. There was a point in my life where I admitted to myself that I was not born to be a writer. Even if I already started writing for a high school newspaper, I could still not admit to myself that I am a writer. I find difficulty in writing essays or news report for that high school newspaper. I was just doing it back then to earn points for extra-curricular activities and maintain my academic standing. Good thing for me I was able to have a very good adviser who supported me in my writing endeavors  During my junior years in high school, she first assigned me to write for a Science page together with a partner and luckily it won an award. When I was in my Senior year, I was hoping for a higher position in that high school newspaper but it was not given. I just console myself that maybe I was not that good enough or maybe they want to maintain the award for that Science page which I was not been able to do so. When my high school years were finally over, I was not anymore engaged into writing with printed output like that. I was more engaged into essay writing for subject requirements in college. Good thing now that there are websites like http://write-an-essay.org that are readily available and is very helpful. My writing experience is not yet over and I promise to myself that I will strive to be a good writer.


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