Part-time jobs

      Looking for a part-time jobs was a bit difficult but there are a lot of sources where we could find one. In the internet, newspaper, job posting and even news from friends could give us the part time jobs we want. I for one considers blogging as a part time job. Blogging was introduced to me by a friend and was able to know more about it through the help of some websites in the internet. I was not earning much but at least I earn some money from it.
    Aside from blogging there are also other types of part-time jobs to choose from. My office mates for one considers to offer their services to those who want to buy dissertation. It is a long type of work because it involves a process starting out with research but of course it would entails high pay for this type of job.
     Tutorial is also a good type of part-time job. It is an everyday job and tiresome but it is more stable compared to other types of part time job. As long as you have skills in teaching, you can do it. More common right now is English tutorial to foreign students. A friend of mine offers English tutorial to Korean students. It pays well and it pave the way for him to be able to find a job abroad.
      Well no matter what part time job you would may be able to find, its okay as long as you will love your job and enjoys doing it. 


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