Happy Graduation!!!

          Time is fast approaching and again it is graduation time. I am happy for all parents out there who eagerly waited for this day for their children. Every parent believes that bright future awaits to their newly graduated children with the hope that it will pave the way for their children to have a good job and independently sustain their needs. I was graduated from college for almost six years already and indeed my diploma back me up to have a job and it supported my daily needs. 
       Education is really important coupled up with hard work and perseverance to succeed in life. Being a student is not easy and there are some hindrances along the way. On my time, financial issues had been my number one hindrance. I was studying at a private school and was not able to have a scholarship. I was financially supported by my mother who was a government school teacher and by my brothers who were OFW workers at that time. On the middle part of college, we encounter some money issues that I must work to lessen my tuition fees. Luckily, I was able to work at the school as a student assistant up to the time that I graduated. I worked at that time at least four hours a day and I was paid on an hourly basis and was deducted on my college fees. Somehow it help me financially but it take away some of my time for studying. Though the course I took was a bit hard but I am grateful that I passed all my subjects and finished college. The only thing is, I graduated late by one semester from my batch mates because my load of units per semester is limited due to the fact that I am working.         
         Though some of my expectations written in my admission essays like graduating on time was not fulfilled, I am happy to be able to surpass the very challenging college life. Savoring the feeling of self fulfillment during graduation is priceless. Happy Graduation and Congratulation to all the Graduates!.


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