Creepy Stories

Creepy stories were talked about lately in our office. Our office is a house instead of a corporate building. There is a story that the previous owner of the house committed suicide in one of the rest rooms in the house. Recently the caretaker of the house, who was also our messenger, told us that around four in the morning he was able to find fresh blood in the spiral staircase of the house and someone was keep on whistling. It was a mystery if where did the blood came from since the people present on the house during those times was him and his son. Since then, a lot of stories came out from the experiences of the employees. There were stories that an employee's child is talking alone to a child whom they do not know, an employee who was on a midnight shift took a nap and dreamed of a little child and there had been marks of a child's hands on the one of the rest rooms. So far on my almost two years of working in that office I never experienced some creepy things but who ever was roaming on that house, may their soul rest in peace. 


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