Great Help

        Here in the Philippines, we are so lucky enough that we could be able to hire someone who could do our chores. We could hire nannies to take care of our little children. We could hire a helper if we could not be able to clean our house and other chores. If washing of clothes is the only thing you need, you could also hire someone to do it for you. 
        Some of my friends who went abroad, find difficulty in doing chores especially those who are married. When they are still here in the Philippines, almost all their chores are done by someone else but when they migrated abroad they are on their own. Married men were the ones who complain the most because when they are in the foreign country, they are hands-on in taking care of their babies. One friend of ours had been living a comfortable life here in the Philippines with a lot of helpers in their house but when she work abroad, she does nanny jobs, household works and washing of clothes which are the things she doesn't do before. We can't blame them if they want to leave the comfort they have in their own country in exchange for working abroad. They prefer it that way eventhough they are turning their backs from the great help they have here in the Philippines. 


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