My Office Chair

          I wrote a post before about my lost office chair regarding how it was lost and I could not find it. Since then, I settled to use the old squeaky chair. My office mates however are worried of me in using that old chair because every time I move it makes a sound and looks like it will break. They kept on telling me to replace that old chair but I could not find an extra chair to replace it. Thankfully, I just used it for almost two weeks. 
       From the time my office chair was lost, three of my co employees already resigned. The first one resigned before she gave birth to her second child. I was not able to have her chair because it was already missing when we returned back from Christmas holidays.The second employee who resigned is our Japanese translator who left us to go to Japan to be with her family. Parting ways is sad but we are supporting her decision. Since she is already not around my co employee offered to me her chair so that I will not anymore use that noisy chair. It has the same design like my own office chair. It is a leather office chair and it is still new. Just recently another co-employee resigned. It was supposed to be a vacation only to his boyfriend in Australia but his boyfriend proposed that she decided to not anymore work with us but instead stay in Australia. Though we will miss our co employees who resigned but we respect their decisions and we are happy for them. So this is the story behind how I had my office chair.


lawigan said…
Take risks: alwys suporting her.
explorer said…
measure his heart.suporting here.
networker said…
You only live once,Suporting bak.
mikexplorer said…
Stay Alert,alwys suporting her.
Jean said…
Hi - please can you remove the links inside this post. Thanks!

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